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Daniel Lafferty, Australia

Daniel Lafferty has been practicing as a professional craft person for more than 30 years, originally studying a Diploma Visual Art at the Canberra School of Art in 1982.

A wood fire specialist with professional studio facilities including 2 large wood kilns, an anagama and trolley kiln that I have built and fired over 40 times for firings of 70-120 hours duration up to temperatures of 1320`C. He specializes in exhibition and functional wares that are Korean inspired.

Lafferty enjoys working in his natural environment and utilizing what it can provide.

In the Bega Valley, he has access to a wealth of raw materials such as clay and glaze materials, black wattle wood ash, feldspar and pyrophelite. Lafferty uses a combination of clay, stone, wood, fire and ash to enrich and decorate his thrown forms. Lafferty says, "I guess the appeal is in the endless variations of the natural ash glazes that capture the essence of the clay body and the firing process."

Daniel Lafferty and Gabrielle Powell have established bandicoot Pottery since 1990. It is situated about 5 kms east of Cobargo on the Bermagui Road. Visitors are welcome by appointment to experience pottery in action, be able to pick up a bargain or two and enjoy a learning experience. Pottery is hand crafted and individually designed specializing in functional decorative one off wood fired pieces